...Real Men Stand Up and Fight

Blue Bandit is a project - among a few friends - seeking to take on the largest game fish in the ocean...

Blue Bandit is a 30 foot, twin outboard engined, Big Game Boat - based on La Gomera, Canaries.

We fish stand- up 80/130 pound gear for the big Atlantic Blue Marlin as our feature, "first price" specimen. However, - very capable and interesting other species are around in the plenty...

Hans says WAHOO in December...

Hans wanted to try out Blue Bandit as well as La Gomera in December 2012 - to check out its potential as his future fishing spot of preference.


And since it was not excactly Blue Marlin season - what was more obvious than to try for the local Edward Scissorhand... the alluring - fast running and eventually extremely well tasting Wahoo.?


After a serious amount of searching - we were lucky enough to find this beautiful 50 pounder on a local "hush-hush-secret-spot"... :-)


It gave Hans a good run for his breath... and ended up as a feast for kings at the local "El Pajar" restaurant...

Christopher treats his hosts with this beautiful specimen of the Atlantic Spearfish

Out of the only two fish of the 2012 season to end up as table fare (we practice strict catch&release for Blue Marlin) - this wonderful and hard fighting Spearfish served as sashimi, BBQ and other wonderful treats for days and days.


Christopher came to La Gomera to prove to Ole - his father - that Youth can be a serious challenge to Experience...


The season had so far given its fair share of Blue Marlin bites and releases - however the more delighting to experience this true acrobat of the seas - with its high jumps and erratic runs.


Christopher fought it like a "Seasoned Big Gamer" and earned honour to the surname...

The first Makaira Nigricans aka Blue Marlin - for the Blue Bandit. May 2011 - a challenge begins

Some said Blue Marlin were best caught from larger motor boats with twin inboard diesel engines. We were lucky to catch our share of the awe inspiring creature in our first season as rookies... The adventure started here - but we will show perseverence and true adventourous spirit - hopefully it will encourage us to find continuous improvement.


The first marlin was duly celebrated with cigars and champagne by everyone involved.

A defining moment.

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